“American Coffee” Shots of our Signature Espresso topped off with hot water. Strong and Bold! (hot or iced)

Our signature espresso with steamed milk and a light layer of foam. Best in latte in town! (hot or iced)

Our Signature Espresso and steamed Half & Half.

Our Signature Espresso, steamed milk and froth
(wet or dry)

Our Signature espresso roast “pulled to perfection. Perfect all by itself or as an add-on.

Our Signature espresso roast with a dollop of foam

Our Signature espresso roast with a small amount of steamed mil

Red Eye
Our Signature Espresso topped off with your choice of coffee. (hot or cold)

Our Signature Espresso with Dark Chocolate Sauce and Steamed Milk

White Mocha
Our Signature Espresso with White Chocolate Sauce and Steamed Milk

Caramel Mountain
Our version of a famous drink! Caramel Sauce, Vanilla Syrup, Espresso and Steamed Milk

Brown Sugar Latte
Our signature espresso with steamed milk, brown sugar and a light layer of foam. (hot or iced)

= Extras =

Syrup   //   Whip Cream   //   Alternative Milks


Drip Coffee
Roasted FRESH at our own roasting house just a couple blocks away. On Tap and Always ready to go! (hot or iced

French Press
Our locally roasted coffee, press brewed fresh while you wait! Great flavor

Cafe Au Lait
Our locally roasted coffee with steamed milk


Loose Leaf Tea
We buy only the best tea’s on the market. Our offering of Harney & Son’s loose leaf is outstanding. (hot or iced)

Chai Latte
Maya Chai, and Steamed Milk (hot or iced)

Dirty Chai
Our Signature Espresso, Maya Chai, and Steamed Milk (hot or iced)

Matte Latte
Matte, and Steamed Milk (hot or iced)

= Extras =

Syrup   //   Whip Cream   //   Alternative Milks


Toddy Coffee
Our own light roast coffee, cold brewed for 17 hours. Smooth, low acid flavor with a caffeine kick


Our FAMOUS High Caffeine Cold Drink! Toddy coffee is the base…. the rest is s secret!

Frappe – Chai/Mocha/White Mocha

A Greek originating foam-covered iced coffee drink made from our special mix

Craft Beer

A Large Rotating  Selection of Beers from Colorado and Beyond!

Wine Selections

By the Glass or By the Bottle

Reds, Whites, Rose and Zinfandel’s! Grab a Meat/Cheese Board and a bottle to enjoy with friends!

Signature Cocktails

Espresso Martini
A Delectable mix of our Signature Espresso, smooth coffee liqueur, Vodka and Brown Sugar Syrup served (of course) in a martini glass. “You have never had such goodness!”

Earl Grey INFUSED Gin & Tonic
We infuse Mile High Denver Gin with our own Harney & Sons Earl Grey Tea and top it off with tonic water for a SPECIAL TWIST on a CLASSIC drink. “This is our managers FAVORITE!” (12 oz)

Hard Lemonade
Made with our special 100% Organic Lemonade, Peach Street Goat Vodka and crushed, fresh mint. SO GOOD! (16oz)

The Partial Eclipse
We created this for the solar eclipse but its been so popular, we decided to keep it around. Made with Sparkling Clementine Soda with an ECLIPSING layer of BLACK MAGIC Black Spiced Rum. “Come Feel the Darkness Closing In!” (12oz)

Champagne & Orange Juice – Simply refreshing and a perfect addition anytime of the day or a good excuse to drink in the morning! (12oz)

SPICY Bloody Mary
A SPICY way to start your day or night! Made with signature ingredients & Peach Street Goat Vodka! Garnished with lettuce, bacon and banana pepper. (16oz)


NOTE: We also have a Late Night Food Menu and Specialty items.
Please stop by the store for our full menu OR check us out on DoorDash

Our Signature Hickory smoked bacon, generous slices of tomato, lettuce and mayo on our locally made artisan whole grain bread

Ham & Swiss
Thin sliced ham, Swiss cheese generous slices of tomato, lettuce, mayo, mustard, salt and pepper on our locally made artisan whole grain bread.

Turkey Club
A PERK Favorite! Thin sliced turkey, our Signature Hickory smoked bacon, generous slices of tomato, lettuce, avocado, Provolone cheese mayo on our locally made artisan whole grain bread

Chicken Salad
You ain’t had chicken salad till you have tasted our special recipe. Shredded Chicken Breast, Craisins, raisins, almonds, lettuce and mayo on our locally made artisan whole grain bread. It is AMAZING!

Pure and Clean!  Avocado, Swiss Cheese, Lettuce, Pickles, Tomato & Mustard on our locally made artisan whole grain bread.


We buy our baked goods/goodies from local bakeries. We LOVE supporting local! And we are constantly adding to and upgrading our pastry offerings. From Gluten Free Cookies and Muffins to 100% Organic Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls, we have much to feed your hungry side.
Stop in and see what we have today!

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